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Here we have just a few jelqing testimonials from people who have learnt how to jelq and proved that penis enlargement at home is more than possible. Every testimonial received below is 100% real and unedited. Since launching our program we’ve received countless testimonials from men around the world, thanking us for our program and their impressive gains.

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“Hi guys, I decided to write you this email so that you can hopefully publish it on your website as inspiration to others! I’ve been researching the various methods on the internet for the last year or so before joining your program. Stretching your penis manually appears to of garnered the most respect, and has legions of loyal followers. It struck me initially as a rather strange and unorthodox approach for enlarging the penis, but the more I read, the more it made sense.

I noticed a lot of sites talking about how you add size in only 6 minutes daily, which I found a bit hard to believe. I read your site from beginning to end and couldn’t see you making the same incredible claims, which was why I joined. Belonged to a free forum before that, but didn’t see any good gains! From what I understand, you should do these exercises for at least 20-30 minutes daily, and good results can take a few months to see, so kudos for speaking the truth!

Ok, back to the present, and I’m pleased to say that after using your guide for nearly 7 months I’ve gained a whisker over 1 1/4″ length and 1.1″ girth. Has it changed my life? No, has it made me more sexually confident in bed? YES, was it worth doing my work outs 5 days a week for 7 months? TOTALLY. I’ve cemented my gains and now do about 10 minutes of exercise a few times a week.

David CLiff



“Well it’s been 7 months now since I began doing these exercises, so thought i’d email you guys my latest progress report! When I last made contact 3 months ago I was 7 1/2, I’ve now made it past the 8 inch mark, 8 1/4 to be precise.

I changed around my routine slightly as per your instructions and also added some of the new Jelqing exercises which were posted on your forum, which I believe helped to get me past my sticking point of 7 1/2″. From the outset 8 inches in length and 6 inches in girth was my goal. After discussing this with my wife, she agreed that to go any bigger than this may result in problems accommodating me. The good news is there’s no problems with her taking my whole length in the right positions, and she’s still able to swallow me, something we both find a huge turn on!

I figure that if I do exercises at least for another 3-4 months I can make it to the 9 inch mark, which would be a gain of just over 2 1/2 inches in total. My wife’s made it perfectly clear to me that the bigger my penis gets the more turned on she gets. This really gives me the motivation I need to continue exercising daily, knowing just how much its enhanced our sex life at home in the bedroom and on our walks in the countryside. Another point I’d like to make is how hard my erections get most nights!

I find if I don’t relieve myself inside my wife each night then its damn near impossible to get a good nights sleep. My wife’s told me that I can wake her up any time of the night to mount her, something which made me feel a bit guilty at first, but she loves the idea of being woken up with me inside her, so…. Anyway keep up the good work, and i’ll send another email soon! Cheers, Tony”

Anthony Stewart


What’s up guys, I’m Steve a former sufferer of Erectile Dysfunction.

I’m 34 years old, grew up in a small town in Texas, blue collar worker, most say I’m a good looking guy, I go to the gym occasionally so I’m in decent shape, I have a good group of friends that I hang out with, go to the bar, watch sports, have BBQ’s and frequent local hot spots for hot chicks occasionally.

Before I tried Jelqing I was 4 inches fully erect and now I’m 7 inches. I used to get jealous watching those guys in porn with those huge cocks and lasting for hours having sex with those beautiful women. At one point I was in such a state of depression I thought of ending my life until an actual porn star told me about Jelqing and where to learn the best Jelqing techniques. I’ll tell you how I was introduced to this porn star in the next section, it will BLOW your mind but first continue reading my review

After 3 months of Jelqing I’m now 7 inches in length and I gained a 1/2 inch in width. So it was a total of 3 inch increase in 3 months with a 1/2 inch in width. I’ll be honest up with you guys and tell you that the site claimed more of an increase than I got. I was expecting 4 to 5 inch increases like everyone else and also my friend in the porn industry said he gained 4 inches from the product and all of his friends boast the same results. I’m not complaining I’m just saying so far my gains have been only 3 inches.

But I have more powerful erections, I can go longer in bed and my girlfriend says I make her toes curl now….LOL Also before I started jelqing I had no control, I would cum within minutes. Pr-ejaculation was a huge issue and very embarrassing for me at one point. Jelqing helped me to have more control over when I cum because I’m in total control.

What I learned is it’s not only about the “size” but the “technique” of the control learned from jelqing.”

Steven Tew

Jelqing has been proven to increase penis length but it takes a lot of time and dedication over a long period of time. If you are looking for faster results in penis length and better ejaculation during sex then why not look at some of these penis products I have reviewed.


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